Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 Our Response During these uncertain times we are making every effort to keep everyone safe. As an essential business we are taking extra precautions for our employees safety and wellbeing. We want to let our prospective customers know that we can accommodate their demands by doing several aspects virtually. Thanks to Eagle View we can request measurements then we can write up an estimate and email it. Once you are ready to sign a contract, we can send you a DocuSign file via email. We are available to take questions via phone, text or zoom. We can have as much, or as little face interaction as needed. We are still doing [...]

Rental Property Roof Maintenance Tips for Landlords

The roof is one of the most important elements in any structure. Your roof provides you with defense against snow, rain, wind, and heat. Over time, exposure to punishing weather hazards and other elements causes it to get damaged and it deteriorates. That’s why regular roof maintenance is key. After all, as a landlord, ensuring your tenants live in a habitable property is one of your crucial responsibilities. Failure to do so, you risk losing a good tenant, or even worse, finding yourself facing legal issues, warns Big Horn Rentals. Basically, as a landlord, you have no option other than to ensure your tenant has a good roof over their heads at all [...]